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Renovating a home is not always as easy as Bryan Baulmer or Mike Holmes make it seem. Simple home renovations can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. A good general contractor not only possesses the skills and experience necessary to create beautiful, functional and accessible spaces but the resources and abilities to adequately plan and deliver on promises, projections and most importantly budget. Here are 5 reasons why need a general contractor if you’re thinking about renovating your Toronto, GTA or Southern Ontario home.

Quality Control

  • Quality control is a big factor in home renovations; this is where beautiful meets functional and accessible. Unfortunately many general contractors and handymen will polish up a poor renovation and it’s important you have a qualified, established and recommended contractor that will make sure the finished product looks great and is done right.
  • A good contractor will remain in active control over the job site to make sure all skilled trades, suppliers and crew members deliver on the client’s expectations and vision as well as making sure everything progresses according to the plan.
  • Home owners directly communicate to the general contractor, and a good general contractor should be easy to reach and eager to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

Sub Trades

  • Good general contractors have strong business connections with various trusted tradespeople in the construction industry that are just as highly recommended as the contractor.
  • Sub trades such as electricians or plumbers usually give general contractors better pricing as they will assist in the work and make the tradespersons job easier by having a straightforward job with a trusted and reliable contractor.
  • Many jobs that sub trades can do can also be done by a good contractor such as minor plumbing, framing, electrical etc. An experienced and knowledgeable contractor knows when to call in a sub trade that specializes in one area of the industry to adequately deliver on quality and timing.
  • There are many tasks throughout a renovation that no one sub trade is capable of doing, and that is where the general contractor comes in and makes sure everything is complete and in picture perfect condition.


  • A good general contractor will usually receive preferred pricing at building suppliers around Toronto, the GTA and Southern Ontario because of strong business relationships over many years.
  • General contractors know how to plan your renovation materials effectively so you are not only using the best possible materials for your space and budget, but that they are being delivered on time and in the appropriate order
  • All too often in Toronto we see glorified handymen posing as contractors having the client purchase all their materials themselves. This is usually a red flag as it shows that the person does not know how to plan a renovation, does not know which materials to use and does not have good relationships with suppliers.


  • A good, well thought out plan is essential to making sure your home renovation goes smoothly
  • Living and working in Toronto and the GTA, the weather not only affects how we build but the process in which we build; A good contractor knows how to adequately plan your renovation so weather complications and seasonal changes are accounted for
  • Good general contractors make sure that any complications within the renovation are directly communicated to the client immediately including possible setbacks to timing (i.e. asbestos abatement, pest removal etc.)
  • General contractors coordinating several sub trades needs to make sure they are all working on a planned timetable all the work is completed in the appropriate order, without overcrowding and rushing which can lead to a loss of quality and overall service


  • When considering a renovation it is important to note where your money is best suited and what space will yield the best return on investment
  • When planning a renovation, a good general contractor will lead you through the expected and possible unexpected expenses of your renovation
  • The residential construction market in Toronto and the GTA is competitive, and that leads to contractors giving clients a low price to secure a deposit, and increasing it once the renovation progresses or leaves the job unfinished
  • A good general contractor knows how to fairly and adequately price out a renovation so the client is not in for any bad surprises and the contractor delivers on their promises
  • Depending on the size and scope of your renovation, your Toronto general contractor should communicate the need for a contingency fund in the event of uncovering a problem during a renovation (i.e. discovery of foundation damage during a basement renovation)

Renovating your Toronto, GTA or Southern Ontario home seems easier than it looks. Good general contractors aren’t just highly and widely skilled tradespeople, they are problem solvers, managers, engineers and artists. It is important that your general contractor has the resources, knowledge and experience to deliver on your expectations. At Axicon Design-Build we pride ourselves on a perfect customer satisfaction record as well as the skills, experience, resources and ability to deliver on your Toronto, GTA or Southern Ontario home renovation. Contact us today to ask about special offers and to schedule your free estimate.

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